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Since founding our business in 1808. we always keeping a board views of the times and the future, and has been responding quickly to the evolution. Since 1808, we are keeping "Corporate philosophy and passion for innovation" as underlying mind for more than 200 years old company. Our innovation is noyt only technological improovement, but also including all business activities as research and development, process of production, purchasing material, organization form, and service. The technologies and products created by under our way is everytime supporting wide range of industrial fields. We will continue to contribute to society while aiming to innovate our own business.

4 division that support our MONOZUKURI (mamufacturing mind)

Auto parts Division

Based on many years of development capabilities, we integrate management of process design, equipment planning, mass production.

Cast iron and Alminum Division

Provide a variety of high precision products to support a wide range of industrial fields.

Chemical Machinery Division

In the chemnical machinery field, our high spec products contributes to the Battery, Electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries from both production and enviromental perspectives.

Industrial Machinery Division

From just industry to creative industry, Innovation Plant will send MONOZUKURI mind.

Corporate Profile

Company Name

Hiraiwa Iron Works Co. Ltd.


Toichiro Hiraiwa



Company formation

September 27th 1950


・Auto Parts (Compressor, Engine) manufacture
・Hardness Ductile cast iron production
・Various Industrial machines parts manufacture
・Design, Manufacture, and Sale of chemical machinery equip.





Head Office and Factory

Head Office and Factory

Postalcode 447-8680
4-10 Tanaohonmachi Hekinan
Aichi-pref. Japan

Head Office

TEL +81-566-41-0080
FAX +81-566-48-3232

Chemical Machinery Division

TEL +81-566-41-0085
FAX +81-566-46-0084

Kamegashita Plant

Kamegashita Plant

Postalcode 447-0817
1-8 Kawabatamachi Hekinan
Aichi-pref. Japan

Cast Iron and Alminum

TEL +81-566-43-0080
FAX +81-566-41-2757

Auto Parts Division

TEL +81-566-46-0081
FAX +81-566-46-0092

Akashi Plant

Akashi Plant

Postalcode 447-0866
7-4 Akashimachi Hekinan
Aichi-pref. Japan

Auto Parts Division

TEL +81-566-48-0080
FAX +81-566-48-0083

Innovation Plant (R&D)

Innovation Plant (R&D)

Postalcode 447-0815
4-9 Tanaohonmachi Hekinan
Aichi-pref. Japan

Industrial Machinery Division

TEL +81-566-46-0080
FAX +81-566-41-1808